Dan Elwell's Broadband Speed Test

Dan Elwell's Broadband Speed Test 3.0

The ultimate connection monitoring and benchmarking tool
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Dan Elwell

Dan Elwell's Broadband Speed Test is a smart and handy downloadable utility that can test your Broadband connection, identify any areas of concern, monitor performance over time and generate diagnostics you can use to send to your ISP.

It's the ultimate connection monitoring and benchmarking tool, and is great for those who want to diagnose connection problems or are simply curious about their performance.

Main benefits:

- Generate all the diagnostics your Broadband Provider needs
The Speed Test allows you to generate a full results report, containing download speeds, upload speeds, ping times, packet loss, trace routes and your network configuration. You don't need any technical knowledge at all.

- Accurate, localised testing
The Speed Test uses localised servers for each country, making it one of the most accurate, reliable and versatile speed tests available on the web.

- Versatile reporting functions
The Speed Test keeps track of your test results over time, so you can view and compare them at any time. In addition, you can export your results to a number of file formats and even send your reports by e-mail.

- Easy to understand results
The Speed Test produces your test results in a non-technical colour coded report. There's also a comprehensive help file detailing what each test means and how you can improve the results.

- Monitor your connection over time
The Speed Test features Scheduled Testing, which allows the Speed Test to automatically run silent tests at the times you specify - ideal for keeping track of your connection performance.

Main features of the program:

- Both quick and exhaustive test procedures
- Highly accurate and reliable
- Extensive testing procedures, testing download & upload speeds, ping times, routing and packet loss.
- Produce additional diagnostics, including trace routes and network configuration.
- Save your results in the Portfolio and recall them at any time with the click of a button.
- Save your results to a number of file formats, including documents, spreadsheets and web pages.
- Send your results by e-mail in an instant
- Schedule tests so that they conduct automatically at a time interval you choose.
- Accurate for any Broadband connection in the world - results are not affected by geographic location.

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